A dark cloud rises up in the sky

Hace años junto con @jfzuluaga y otros amigos jugábamos a traducir canciones al inglés. Nunca pasamos de las primeras líneas pero el ejercicio era divertido. Hace días recordé el jueguito (lo que no me acuerdo es por qué) y me quedó pegada una de esas canciones así que la completo y la dejo por acá para referencia, adivinanza o lo que sea. Sin título, claro.

A dark cloud rises up in the sky
A big storm is coming soon
There comes the woman I love
the one I despair for
and makes me lose my head
and like a winter downpour
my eyes cry in darkness
and as brooks become rivers
so the blood in my veins flows

The calm sea turns violent
there comes a huge wave
like my happiness of thought
like awakening from a dream
because there comes my loved one
my chest rejoices beating

Like the tolling of a bell
let there be light in my head
all shadows going away

The rivers flood running wild
and seeing you I cannot stop
I am like a sleeping madman
that suddenly wakes up

And as the clouds stop
after a storm all is still
every river has its flood
and its not the love in my soul